Follow the Elephant

by Vortex Park

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released February 26, 2011



all rights reserved


Vortex Park Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Through a Hole
This is the side that you confide in – the one at the end of the aisle
I find myself outside denial – my world’s caving in

I should just lay low for a while – dogs are on my trail for a trial
I am right here behind this smile – how dare they even question me?

I’ll begin serving my detention but my intentions stand

I’ll provide support for our child – this is not the end – the dolls were just pretend
The seams most certainly will mend

Steady, I walk down this line as yellow as I am
I’m biding time; I hope they’ll find the guy behind the crime

You do believe me even though I am in this cell?
I know that the evidence was very overwhelming
I was just as stunned about the gun; it seems compelling
As if I could lead two lives without ever telling you
How could I ever admit that I’m the guy rebelling through a hole?

My disguise, suddenly revealed – behind my eyes the truth is concealed
What you despise I might find appealing – it tempts me like a sin

Adrenaline as you might imagine – the fuel not for the weak minded
Plastered with some dark brown nylon skin – this is how I win

Control through a hole I’m protected from the actuality

Duality is my redemption – it was not really me – just a fantastic dream
Torn at the seams
Track Name: Can't Deny
I’m in a bind because I’ve been bound
Most of whom I knew were all around
And now I tread on shaky ground, I can’t deny
If I’m not being obvious
The reason is – well, just because
There is no reasoning with lust, you can’t deny

They pass pushing scents, my senses are aroused
I trace curves with my eyes; following them down
Right behind resistance is angst like an adolescent’s
Your presence tests the essence of…

A hound with a choke chain leash
A piece of meat just out of reach
A howling cry inside, I beseech, I can’t deny it

I can’t deny, who I am what I feel
It’s out on the table for all to steal
The kind of thoughts that make me real, I can’t deny
Am I crazy or is it just me
When you are in my proximity
There is more than gravity that we deny

I could never justify I lie, FYI
I might hug it but I would not cross the line
Without a decision, granting me permission
From the misses that it’s alright

Oh, why? We aren’t made that way
Sincerely, my heart and my love will stay
The line a lion cannot stray, I can’t deny it

I close my eyes and I stare off your clothes
I play with forbidden scenarios
In there, nobody cares what goes, they don’t deny
So it remains a fantasy inside
I have myself for a private ride
If for a while the itch subsides, I can’t deny
Track Name: Yellow Flowers
There are yellow flowers in my yard
They’re the caterpillars’ stars – best they’ll know
I can guarantee a Chinese man has flowers in his own garden and they’re yellow

I can’t see them but I am sure they’re there
I wonder if he thinks thoughts like this
We’re not so different
The DNA we share is the flowers’ scent and the bees will find us

What’s that? You still think the world is flat?
I’m sorry to inform you that it’s not subjective
How come? I don’t think that you are dumb
But obviously you need some perspective

We’ve been searching though we have barely seen
But a fraction of a fraction
There’s so much distance, light years in between
My back yard and the Chinese garden

We’re the molecule drifting in a pool
If our will has fuel, it could be so cool

There are minerals in shooting stars
Though they come here from afar, we know them
As we travel through galactic seas,
Finding cosmic flower seeds, we grow them

It’s probable civilization exists
And even might be watching
If they’re indifferent and fixated
We’re in for a rude awakening

In the lion’s eye, there’s a zebra stripe
One prays while it hides, one preys on the night
Track Name: Follow the Elephant
Follow the elephant, follow him close
See where he’s going, see what he knows…
That was the message she received in a dream
So, I looked into it to see what it might mean
I went to the web and I went to the zoo
I looked for some signs that might give me a clue
And after all that, as if I had been dared
I then found myself scared

The elephant’s lineage spans millions of years
But their numbers are dropping as their land disappears
And as they are hunted for their sought after tusks
While the laws that prevent this prove not so robust
Just like us primates, the elephants are smart
They know their reflection and make music and art
But still they are in a precarious place
As an inferior race

Are we not responsible? Are we not the elephant in the room?

We are the blind men exploring the beast
Feeling the rope, the wall or pillar like feet
But with a limited reach and our limited view
Not to mention how the elephant’s and our stress can skew
Oh, and our tenuous criteria
We arrogate wisdom – we have no idea
If/when we stand above none
We’ll drop the elephant gun

Are we not responsible? Are we not the elephant in the room?
Track Name: Disappear
Let’s bury the ax underneath our tire tracks and head up north where the air is crisp
I’ll do all the driving while you roll and twist
Throw another log on the fire – listen to it crackling
Looks like a perfect moon for howling

I like to stare at smoke rising into the air – it keeps climbing
Then disappears

You had a rough week and didn’t get much sleep
Sometimes the cards are difficult
It’s easy to point fingers but it’s no one’s fault

Here in the mountains, cicadas are the loudest
A blanket of sound over everything
They have a cleaning frequency in which they sing

We’ll empty thoughts in flames dancing
Might even spot some of the answers
Before they disappear

I’m sorry I got in your face
I’m just in a funky place
Let’s plan a weekend escape
And pack our gear and disappear
Let's get out of here
And disappear

I feel refreshed, how about you dear
Try not to let this feeling disappear
Should we grow weary?
Let’s disappear
Track Name: Gypsy Metropolis
Gray clouds cover our metropolis
If I could stop all this I surely would
But maybe this is god calling on us
But I don’t see how this does any good

Dazed in a private garden
Hammock’s swinging, headphones on that’s
Playing some old gypsy song
Daydreaming away

I’m beginning to think that all of this
Is just a story twisted for amusement?
Possibly fate’s not without irony
And this is a time to for me to be in pain

Playing on a public stage
My eyes closed before a microphone
I might has well be all alone
Daydreaming away

I can’t ignore this; it’s not simply refuse
Won’t fight – there’s just no use
So I will daydream
Track Name: Bee Sting
Look at you, you soulful statue
I’m told that you are quite a catch
In the past I might have passed you for a bad influence
Ooh, Louisiana - a misconception or a test?
Just one more question – I’ll save the rest – what could make this better?

Hey. Pick me up and kick me down.
Hey. Stop. Try not to make a sound.

When it comes to torture, I’m a glutton for it - a sort of distorted connoisseur.
This is what I got dealt. And this is what I felt.
OW! It got my ankle – the poison’s spreading and now it’s tangled with every bite
With which I’ve wrangled – and nothing can make it better!

Hey. Stand real still as they fly around.
Hey. Stop. Try not to make a sound.

The less I stir the less they’ll notice me.
I hear their whir; I fear that they may sting. Quietly… run!

This is getting ridiculous. Is it just us or are we just fussing?
No matter what, it is disgusting, thus we simply must start flushing.
South Carolina. Days down there spent finding strength and winding down
For goodness sake – I’m starting to feel better.

Hey. Take it easy for a while.
Hey. Stop. Did I just see a smile?

Hollowed, but it eases over time.
Following the bees into the light, quietly… right!
Track Name: No Compromise
I am still a man though I come from another land
When you look into my eyes, you won’t see me compromise
Do you understand that I mean only to survive?

Here not so easily, I long for my family
I hope they are all right; I think of them day and night
I am not a rambling man; my crop won’t grow in sand

America, where’s the innovation I hear of?
I am aware of why you’re scared, because I am, as well.

My craft is my life raft; that I have work is all I ask
Let me provide my wife (she bears my unborn child)
With integrity; you’d do the same as me.

America how I wish I were within your law
My soul is bare, but I don’t care - I will not withdraw

In a perfect world
I would live beside the lake that I was born by
My grandmother would hold my child while I held the hand of my wife
As our neighbors pass by

It’s not a perfect world, but I won’t let myself be deterred
I’m strong and I’m smart and I have a pure heart

All alone, far from my home, but I won’t compromise